Pictures of Horse Drawn Wagons and Trolley Cars

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Trolley Car Pictures

870 Horse Drawn Trolley with Conductor and Two Men
871 Horse Drawn Trolley with two Horses and Driver
872 Wheeling Trolley with Mail Pouch Signs
873 Electric Trolley in Haverhill
874 Trolley #2997 with Kids in the Street

Horse Drawn Wagon Pictures

875 Grand Union Tea Wagon and Horses
8x10 B+W Photo
876 Early Heinz 57 Pickle Wagon, Clark Durkee
877 Wagon, Merkle and Egger Egg Wagon
878 Paine's Furniture Horse Drawn Wagon and Store Front
879 Horse Drawn Bay State Flour Wagon
884 Star Steam Laundry Horse Drawn Wagon
885 Ivory Wall Plaster Horse Drawn Panel Wagon
886 Old Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Man
1071 Trolley Station with waiting passengers, 1890s (line drawing-not a photo)
1073 Horse Drawn Buggies and Model Ts at a Gathering
1083 George Young Meats Horse and Wagon

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