Vintage Car Photos

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures on this page are 11x14 sepia toned prints.
Price is pro rated by quantity. As low as $3.50 each when you get any 50 photos, $5.00 each for any ten photos, any four photos for $30.00, one photo for $10.00. Just pick and click!

706 Used Car Lot circa 1913
716 Model T near Moxie Signs and Telephone Sign
721 Jalopy with graffiti
723 Old man in a Jalopy, circa 1936
725 1940 Ford by Gas Pumps
726 1935 Auburn Convertible with a woman driver
728 8x10 B+W Photo Lancaster's Garage, Fords
729 Ford Garage, Model A, White Eagle Globe
733 Loehr Hupmobile circa 1914, Chippewa Lake
734 Loehr Hupmobile, Sohio
736 John C. Wilkie La Salle and De Soto Six
737 J.F. O'Connor Sales, Pierce Cars
738 Haynes Car $1,485
954 Buick Billboard circa 1937
Buick's the Beauty

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