Historic High Altitude Vertical Aerial Photography

You Can Go Home Again...
or at least have a picture of it

1953 Aerial Photo
Drive-In Theatre (Hwy 101 and Hwy 7)
Minnetonka, Minnesota.

1964 Aerial Photo
Suburban development
Same area 11 years later.
Aerial Farm Photo
Click for larger view!

Order your neighborhood, your town, your farm, hunting land, or your lake property!
Vintage aerial photos make excellent gifts for your family and are great decor for home or office. They're a wonderful family memento, and provide a fascinating connection to your past.


  • 10x10 inch print: $50.00
  • 24x24 inch print: $150.00 (covers approximately 3-4 miles)
  • 36x36 inch print: $165.00 (covers same territory, but blown up bigger. If you've got the space, this size shows the best detail)

Just e-mail us with information about the location you want. Any of the following will help:
  1. An address within your main area of interest
  2. Main cross streets nearby (Johnson Avenue and 31st street)
  3. A legal land description (NW ¼, section 21, Morse Township, Washington County, MN)
  4. The county, and the town's name. For a larger city, the names of nearby major cross streets will be helpful to locate your neighborhood.

If we have any doubt about which location you intend, we will confirm your site by discussing details by phone or e-mail.

When ordering, specify whether you'd like the oldest shot available, or the most recent shot available. Just about any U.S. location is available from the late 1950s through 2005.
To order by e-mail, include your name, address, Visa/MC/Amex information, and your desired location. You can also order by phone at: 1-218-365-6219

Or mail a check, money order, or VISA/MC/Amex information to:

126 East Washington Street
Ely, MN 55731

Please include $6.50 for shipping and handling.
Please allow about 6 weeks for delivery.

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